Kinase Detect is a biotech company focused on protein kinases and protein kinase related products and services, like kinase inhibitors. The company provides highly purified recombinant human protein kinases. Additional services include protein kinase substrates, protein kinase assays and kinase inhibitors. KinaseDetect was founded in 2001. Since 2002, recombinant protein kinases are sold to (i) academic customers through distributors in USA, Germany, France and Japan and (ii) directly to major pharmaceutical companies. Furthermore, kinase assays are offered as service to pharmaceutical companies and a number of projects for different companies have been carried out. Currently, major pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations in most European countries are among the customers of KinaseDetect.

KinaseDetect´s research focus is on protein kinase assay development and screening compound libraries in order to identify inhibitor compounds which interfere with kinase activity and can be used (i) for basic research in order to elucidate signal transduction pathways involved in disease processes and (ii) as starting point for development of new kinase inhibitors for treating diseases. KinaseDetect has world-class expertise in the field of recombinant protein kinase production and kinase assay development and has customers in all European countries, USA and Japan.
Kinase Detect, kinase assays and kinase inhibitors