KINOMED: Your Partner in Kinase Drug Discovery

Why KinomeD?
The KinomeD program is coordinated by SARomics Biostructures and managed by a group of active researchers with many years of industrial experience. We have access to well equipped laboratories with state of the art molecular biology, protein chemistry and organic synthesis instrumentation. Our high-throughput crystallization facilities are located at the
MAX Lab synchrotron radiation facility in Lund, Sweden. Through a generous agreement with Max Lab we have almost instantaneous access to the protein crystallography beamlines. Together with our professional services and fast turn-around time, we offer highly competitive prices!

Our unique attributes:
• Experienced kinase team
• Broad range of kinases already available
• Rapid fragment screening with unique and proven fragment libraries
• Pre-formed fragment complexes
• No crystals, no fee (for published targets)

PIM! kinase structure in complex with emodin
Structural biology services platform
SARomics Biostructures operates the Cassiopeia crystallization facilities located just outside the experimental hall of the MAX-lab synchrotron. Our protein labs are located at a walking distance from MAX-lab. Synchrotron radiation provides much higher quality X-ray data in a much shorter time compared to laboratory sources. The close proximity to a synchrotron, our unique agreement with MAX-lab and, in particular, flexible access to beamlines provide additional gains with respect to project time-lines. This allows us to offer the most competitive drug discovery and structural biology services on the market which, in combination with our high level of expertise, guarantee the best possible return-on-investment to our clients.